Welcome to Crown Heights COGOP

Transforming Lives Daily

Our Vision & Mission

Crown Heights COGOP will be a Christ-exalting, holiness, Spirit-filled, all-nations, disciple-making, church-planting movement with a passion for Christian union. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, through prayer, we will plant churches and equip leaders to carry out the Biblical mandate to make genuine disciples of all the peoples of the world, to the glory of Christ our Lord, Head of the Church.

Ministerial Leadership

Pastorial Team: Bishop Dr. Uzziah B. Cooper Sr. – Pastor; Minister David B. Wint – Associate Pastor

Ministerial Team: Minister A. Cooper; Minister N. Dixon; Minister E. George; Minister S. Goulbourne; Minister N. Parkinson; M.I.T. P. Archer; M.I.T. E. Wint

Diaconate: Deacon R. Bailey; Deacon D. Cameron; Deacon S. McCallum; Deaconess D. Reid; D.I.T. P. Jeffrey

Verse of the Day

ONLINE PRAYER: Tuesdays 12 Noon-1PM & Fridays 8PM-9PM.
The Prayer Line number is 712-775-7031 and Passcode is 983780099.